An essential aid to goal setting and coaching, this is a 3-hour online seminar for professional hypnotherapists, coaches and psychotherapists.
June Hale DHP(Adv.), Dip.CBH, FAPHP, SQHP, MNCH(Acc), MIBWRT(Acc)
Friday 8th November 2024, 10:00 – 13:00 UK time


LifeMapper® is  an effective aid to goal setting and life coaching that can make an often frustrating and time-consuming task seem quick and easy. It was originally created by Terence Watts in 2002, and was updated to the latest version in 2019.

It utilises a bespoke spreadsheet based software tool that facilitates the creation of a structured step-by-step plan, along with a ‘Progress Map’ to serve as a guide and prompt for the client to keep to the plan. This programme reveals to the client their inner resources and helps them to resolve issues that previously limited their progress. It provides a firm foundation from which to help a client achieve their goals, whether the goal is for business, relationships or general life improvement.

In this workshop you will learn how to use the LifeMapper® programme and software that is provided with the course to guide you through the LifeMapper® process.

The LifeMapper® Excel Spreadsheet software makes what can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming task guide a client to success like no other programme ever has before it!

What does the course cover?

In this LifeMapper® course I cover all of the aspects of the LifeMapper® programme, including:

  • Use and demonstrations of the LifeMapper® software
  • A simple personality assessment
  • Discovering the client’s resources
  • Assessing the likelihood of success
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Identifying obstacles and stumbling blocks
  • The importance of Fundamental Attributes
  • Mapping resources to the goal
  • Polarising questions
  • Building a success map
  • Helping the client stay focussed

There is also time built in for real-time online practical experience so that you will feel confident in bringing the LifeMapper® process straight into your own consulting room.

Course Level

This course is aimed at qualified hypnotherapists, coaches, psychotherapists, counsellors… in fact anyone that uses goal setting in their work with clients.

About the Presenters

June Hale

June Hale


June is our resident lecturer, and a busy full-time BWRT practitioner and hypnotherapist in private practice, helping clients to overcome all manner of psychological difficulties. She trained as a hypnotherapist with Terence Watts at the Essex Institute in Southend and stayed on to work there as a Teaching Assistant after qualifying in December 2006. She has been teaching hypno/psychotherapy-based courses at her own schools since 2008.

June is a Fellow of the APHP (Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy) and a supervisor and accredited member of the BWRT Institute and several other professional organisations.